Social Worker

Gaffar is an enthusiastic ambitious entrepreneur. He set the bar high for himself to work hard towards his goal.

In August 2014 he gets his Bachelor of Social Work at Fontys Social Studies in Eindhoven. Some exemple Activities and Societies: Philosophy, Sociology, Empowerment, Social Psychology, Coaching, Methodical Agogic Working, Theatre, Social Ethics, Desk Research, Multidisciplinary collaboration Research and more…

The main reason for follow the study is to make a brigde between practice and theory for people and society. He want to inspire and motivate people to be aware of their own qualities/skills and talents. Because talentdevelopment made him as he is today. 

See here some running creative inspiring projects


Project: Just Break

Just Break is a talent development program which arises from a creative entrepreneur who has lots of love and passion for dance, Gaffar Binda. He’s a professional break dancer with 10 years of (inter)national dance experience. With his Bachelor of Social Work in his pocket and his dance experience, he bridges the gap between young people and society through cultural educational breakdance workshops based on Quality Standards for Talent Development.

Project: Lijfstijldag

Lijfstijldag is a day of lifestyle with a unique combination of interactive theatreperformance and cultural educational dans and nutrition workshops. The focus is to inspire and motivate the youth on healthy eating and exercise. The focus on healthy eating and exercise has increased tremendously in a short time. It’s an investment for the future, because it provides healthy food and exercise opportunities and who knows how to develop and to present in society.

Project: Mensgoodlife

A company with two other partners in online lifestyle magazine, Mensgoodlife. It is an inspiring lifestyle blog for men in the Netherlands where men can relate themselves to timeless inspirational blogs positive and enriching knowledge to gain insights of life.