Gaffar met breakdance in 2002. His cousin Navin taked him to a youth centre where he discovered something he didn’t know before. The moment he saw everybody creating something, that was something amazing. No rules, no bounderies, no judging. Just you, the music and bboying. When he tasted this, it never came out of his body. His teacher Joshua Campbell (Nephew of Don Campbell, an American dancer and choreographer best known for having invented the “locking” dance) took him to competitions all over Netherlands. And so the games begin..

bboy skaffa

In 2007 he proved himself by developing fast with his own orginal style. He was honoured to be invited in the crew: Soulrippers and Hustlekidz.


After making noises, Gaffar get invited for many competitions to be in the line-up of different concepts like seven-to-smoke, crew battle, 2on2 battle or solo battle

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After 10 years being in the game, he is blessed to have lot of respect of the scene because of what he is doing. That’s why he feel honored judging at international and national competitions

Workshops & Classes

Gaffar offers a variety of workshops for children and beginners and advanced dancers and masterclasses. As he works on disciplines such as flow, transitions and what it takes to dance on a high level. Customized workshops can be realized.

(TV-)Showcase & Theatre

After being the finalst of the 1st season of Holland’s Got Talent with the crew Hustlekidz, he did lot of (inter)national commercials, perform for various national and international (TV-)shows, events and (inter)national artists.

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He made his theatre debut at Lalla Rookh. That was nominad as contenders for Dans Public Award 2015. This was made by well respected dancemaker and choreographer in the theatre scene Shailesh Bahoran.

Lalla Rookh