Gaffar Binda is born April 7, 1988 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. At a young age he came in contact with breakdancing aka bboying. Since then bboying kept him on straight path and learned him many things in life and as in developed. He has turned his hobby into his profession.

After many years of being Dutch Champion Bboy with his crew Hustlekidz, they receive invite all over the world, from LA to Seoul to Marrakesh to Stockholm for battles and judging. His commercial adventure starts when he was in the finals of the 1st season of Holland’s Got Talent. He began independent entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. He did lots of (inter)national commercials, perform for various national and international (TV-)shows and events, organize (dance)events, creates (break)dance workshops, clinics and talentdevelopmentprogram. Click here for a dance resume of the bboy titels, TV appearances and more..

In addition to his profession he always went to school for more knowledge in other areas. In 2008 he gets his Commercial Assistant Banking and Insurance diploma. In 2009 propedeuse of International Marketing and Management and in 2014 his University of Professional Education Bachelor of  Social Work, where he worked with great pleasure and pride on his thesis ‘Have a break, have a talent’.